Jogos4 - Jogos friv4 | Jogo4 Friv j

Super Mario 63 - Jogo Jogos

Super Mario 63

This awesome Super Mario Bros platf

Deep Lift - Jogo Jogos

Deep Lift

In this jump and run game you are a

Impossi-bubble Adventures - Jogo Jogos

Impossi-bubble Adventures

The objective of the game is to let

Keytar Hero II - Jogo Jogos

Keytar Hero II

Strum away on your keyboard as you

Marble Madness - Jogo Jogos

Marble Madness

The aim of this game is to guide ma

Resident WIIvile 2 - Jogo Jogos

Resident WIIvile 2

Shoot the zombie and alien creature

Tennis Master - Jogo Jogos

Tennis Master

Beat Top Tennis players in the worl

Word Search Gameplay - 51 - Jogo Jogos

Word Search Gameplay - 51

Find all given words on the right s

Grand Roulette - Jogo Jogos

Grand Roulette

Play Casino Roulette.

Diego Sitting Giant Dress Up - Jogo Jogos

Diego Sitting Giant Dress Up

You can display your dressing talen

Break In 2 - Jogo Jogos

Break In 2

A sequel to the "Break In" game. A

Stick Smasher Bloodfest - Jogo Jogos

Stick Smasher Bloodfest

Enjoy another bloodfest with this s

The Great Giana Sisters - Jogo Jogos

The Great Giana Sisters

Retroflash! Some of you might still

Chainsaw The Children - Jogo Jogos

Chainsaw The Children

A really fun game and you can chain

No Vacancy - Jogo Jogos

No Vacancy

Collect items and make your way int

Ninja Rampage - Jogo Jogos

Ninja Rampage

Ninja Rampage is a superb action sk

Beach Assault - Jogo Jogos

Beach Assault

In Beach Assault, you play a machin

Thrust II - Jogo Jogos

Thrust II

As you probably already guessed thi

2112 Cooperation - Chapter 5 - Jogo Jogos

2112 Cooperation - Chapter 5

Here comes chapter 5 of the 3D acti

Cannonball Crisis - Jogo Jogos

Cannonball Crisis

The aim of the game is to clear all

Dress Up Sporty Girl - Jogo Jogos

Dress Up Sporty Girl

Are you the type of girl who loves

Onsen - Jogo Jogos


Play the very cool game of onsen wh

Trivial Blitz - Jogo Jogos

Trivial Blitz

The main goal of the game is for yo

Xiao Xiao No. 4 - Jogo Jogos

Xiao Xiao No. 4

The fourth installment to the best

Tanrei Stadium - Jogo Jogos

Tanrei Stadium

Watch the baseball pitch and line y

Travel Sick - Jogo Jogos

Travel Sick

You have no money. Find items to tr

Mickey and Friends Super Racer - Jogo Jogos

Mickey and Friends Super Racer

A car game with Mickey and Friends.

Penalty Shootout Game - Jogo Jogos

Penalty Shootout Game

Try to score as many as you can aga

VR Quarterback Challenge - Jogo Jogos

VR Quarterback Challenge

One of the coolest football flash g

Yeti Bubbles - Jogo Jogos

Yeti Bubbles

A good remake of the game puzzle bu

Spalding Shoot Out - Jogo Jogos

Spalding Shoot Out

A great game that shows what a spal

Antoine the Warrior - Jogo Jogos

Antoine the Warrior

You can display your dressing talen

Hit the Teddy! - Jogo Jogos

Hit the Teddy!

Max can hit three times... minimum

Riff Master II - Jogo Jogos

Riff Master II

Turn it up, baby! New bands, new ax

Terrace Escape - Jogo Jogos

Terrace Escape

While playing in terrace, you are t

Magic Library - Jogo Jogos

Magic Library

Press the keys matching to the ones

Final Defense II Last Stand - Jogo Jogos

Final Defense II Last Stand

Final Defense 2 Last Stand: the seq

Quarterback Carnage - Jogo Jogos

Quarterback Carnage

Throw the football at the incoming

Twox - Jogo Jogos


The objective of the game is to res

Super Marco Adventure - Jogo Jogos

Super Marco Adventure

Help Marco collect points in this c

Web Trading Cars Chase - Jogo Jogos

Web Trading Cars Chase

Race around the track as you try to

Blitz Bombing - Jogo Jogos

Blitz Bombing

Remake of an old arcade bombing gam

Bomb A Bomb - Jogo Jogos

Bomb A Bomb

A colorful flash game in which you

Crash Bandicoot - Jogo Jogos

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot is a funny cartooni

X-treme Moto Idiot Cross - Jogo Jogos

X-treme Moto Idiot Cross

Funny 2-D racing game.

Moto Rush Game - Jogo Jogos

Moto Rush Game

Motorcycles! Hoverboards! Monster t

Brothers In Arms 1 - Jogo Jogos

Brothers In Arms 1

This is the first part of the aweso

Turtle Snake - Jogo Jogos

Turtle Snake

The original game of snake has got

Ronhaldinha - Jogo Jogos


Ronhaldinha loves to watch soccer.

The Backyardigans: Trick or Treat with Backyadigans - Jogo Jogos

The Backyardigans: Trick or Treat with Backyadigans

We love Halloween. With this game y

Clone - Jogo Jogos


Show some team player skills in thi

Guy & Buddy - Jogo Jogos

Guy & Buddy

This game can be played with one or

Sheep Game - Jogo Jogos

Sheep Game

Herd the sheep as fast you can befo

Paw Paw Miaw - Jogo Jogos

Paw Paw Miaw

Choose your cat fighter and then tr

Beyblade Rip Zone - Jogo Jogos

Beyblade Rip Zone

The real-life battlin' tops game co

Maze Game - Game Play 21 - Jogo Jogos

Maze Game - Game Play 21

Guide the little fish to reach it's

Shy Dwarf - Jogo Jogos

Shy Dwarf

Jump around on platforms as you try

Finding Nemo(Memory Game) - Jogo Jogos

Finding Nemo(Memory Game)

How good your memory really lets tr

Sokator 442 Skill Zone - Jogo Jogos

Sokator 442 Skill Zone

Warm up your soccer skills with thi

Shoot - Reaction Game - Jogo Jogos

Shoot - Reaction Game

Test your reaction speed

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